Valuable Marketing Advice For Financial Advisors


As a financial advisor, the lack of a sound marketing strategy can be the reason you are losing clients to your competitors.

As a financial advisor, you need to have a compelling tactics that will earn you more clients and turn them into repeat customers. It’s advisable to acknowledge that you are always being challenged by other financial advisors, and the major financial institutions. A lot of your efforts needs to go into establishing stable relationships and trust with clients such that you don’t feel threatened by competitors. As a financial guru, you are likely to face hitches when trying to identify the most effective financial advisor marketing strategy. The benefit here is that the web has brought forth a multitude of new platforms and possibilities that enable financial consultants to target and nurture new leads.

Before you invest in a given financial advisor marketing tactic or two; you need to remember that there is no one “fix-it-all” approach. You need to first develop a balanced multi-tactic online marketing strategy. You need to assess your unique business attributes and needs as well as that of your ideal clients. You need to understand the needs and pain points of your target clients well enough to develop a relevant and refined business position. When you approach targeted clients, it’s highly advisable to be yourself and shelve jargon-heavy financial language to avoid alienating potential prospects. When you rely on jargon, you don’t come off as savvy and knowledgeable, but clients tend to see you as impersonal, less approachable and a bit stiff.

As you are discussing a potential client’s wealth and assets, they will always want to feel that they are a part of the entire process. Once you know how to warm up the conversation, you will build an emotional connection and trust that makes you a unique advisor to them. If you want to build connections with potential clients, use personal experiences that appeal to them in unique ways. You can base such stories on how you struggled and eventually succeeded or how recent clients overcame their financial challenges. Today, prospecting ideas for financial advisors need to include and leverage the power of social media. You need to know how to evaluate and pinpoint your prospects’ most relevant and valuable subject matter, the most popular social media platforms they use, and have valuable and informative content posted there regularly.

Utilizing such an approach, tells potential clients that you are an established authority. As a financial advisor, you need to be looking for ways to share your insights with potential clients for free. People are always looking for solutions to their problems and answers to their particular financial challenges and goals. If you are providing intelligent advice and answers on your blog or in a webinar, you will be top-of-mind  when they want assistance.

If you want to become the “go-to” financial advisor, creating a compelling web presence will work for you. As you probably know, you need to affiliate yourself with recognized financial planning associations. If you search online using the most popular key terms you will find that associations and publications always fill the top spots. That is except for the advisors who are running ad campaigns. Eventually, you need to rely on every available tool and resources to appeal to an industry that has become sophisticated and highly competitive.

Communicate your unique style, value, strengths and knowledge. Build a brand. Want to help people achieve their financial goals? You can only do that by growing your book.

Want a chuckle? Watch this advertisement from the CFPs excellent advertising campaign at YouTube.



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