Tips for Financial Advisors in Carrying Out an Effective Marketing Campaign


Create a Core Marketing Strategy

The first and most important step in the early years of marketing your advisory is to create a strategy that drives results. Marketing with a sound strategy will methodically increase your number of prospects and grow your conversion rates. Inexperienced marketers often lose their focus and abandon their core strategies after it has gotten them a few clients. If you have a strategy in place, revisit it often, test new concepts against it, and simplify it. By doing this you will always be boosting your sales.

Developing a sound core marketing strategy and testing it isn’t easy. However, there is always professional help you can find to accomplish this. Once your strategy is in place your marketing will become much easier. While developing a strategy takes some time, used regularly over time, it will ultimately have an immense impact on your marketing success.

Implement it Consistently

In the long run, it is key to market consistently. Stick with your strategy, your brand and your central messages. Branding and messaging communicated consistently across multiple platforms builds your audiences confidence and trust in you and will continually improve your conversion rates.

Follow Through

Making follow-up calls to leads is a small tactic that will make a huge difference in your overall advisor marketing success. While it only takes a few minutes of your time, surprisingly not enough advisors actually do it. This simple action advances your advisor marketing efforts in a very big way. Prospects who seek advisors often do not take action due to inherent uncertainty and lack of confidence in service offerings found online. One phone call is all it takes for you to humanize your brand, build their confidence and trust, and resell your services. In as few as five calls a week you can land more new clients. Don’t pass up the opportunity. Following through will ensure that your prospects will become your clients.

Target the Profile of Your Ideal Client

By profiling of your best current clients, you can target prospects who will potentially provide your business with higher profit. Expending time with marginally profitable clients will consume your time at the expense of those who could be more valuable to your business. This does not mean that you should stop communicating with smaller clients. It only requires a slight change in the method in which you communicate. Utilize  letters, emails, and/or webinars to help groups of your clients many of their common concerns.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

To continue to increase your client base, you will ultimately need to enlist others help you market. Retaining affiliate financial advisor marketing services will enable you to continue to provide excellent service to your clients without ignoring your marketing.

Be Opportunistic

Build your brand, your visibility and put yourself in the middle of prospects and referrers at every opportunity. Leverage event sponsorships, create your own events, involve yourself in your community, involve yourself in non-profit organizations, local chambers of commerce, etc., as additional methods for meeting potential clients.

Grow Your Prospect List

To grow a larger book, you need to start with a large prospect list. You might think it is difficult to create a large list, However, by investing only a few minutes each day you will grow your list by a good margin over time. 50-100 prospects can easily translate to a few new clients each year.

For insight into ways to do financial advisor marketing without being “salesy” go to


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