Hiring a Financial Advisor for Your Future


Attaining financial freedom is hardly possible if you don’t have a methodical plan. An effective plan will make certain that you can cover educational expenses, buy that home you may want, and enjoy financial freedom once you retire. Planning investments on your own may simply not yield your desired outcome

Rely on a professional financial advisor

The idea of creating a plan can be overwhelming with so many retirement packages  available in the marketplace. It is paramount to find an expert financial planner with the experience to develop an effective plan for you. Today, the most common way that investors locate the right financial advisor is by using the Internet. All financial institutions, large, mid-size and small, and most independent financial advisors now market themselves online. Financial advisor marketing strategies have become primarily digital.

Some great online resources for educating yourself on how to find and identify the right financial advisor for your needs include:

The Wall Street Journal – How to Choose a Financial Planner

Kiplinger – 6 Steps to Finding a Great Financial Adviser

NAPFA – How to Find an Advisor

FINRA – The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Search tools for locating an advisor include:

NAPFA – The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

FPA- The Financial Planners Association

A resource for verifying a financial planners certifications are:

CFP Board – Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

For a thorough explanation of what financial planners are and do, visit Financial Planner at Wikipedia.

Your financial advisor will help you define comprehensive and achievable goals

Financial professionals know that each client has unique needs. The reality is that one financial plan cannot accommodate everyone. Professional advisors take the time to examine your needs, desires, fears, and financial hopes. She will identify how your goals align with the investments you have made, what percentage of your income you are able to save, and your level of risk tolerance. With this information, she will come up with a plan that will measure up to meet your goals.

Creating a strategy that is workable

Certified financial planners have a profound understanding of investment options, market fluctuation, costs, as well as the needs and goals of their clients. Thus, when you work with one, they will strive to ensure that your returns are maximized, and at the same time help to manage your risk. Therefore, the expert will create a financial plan that works for you. Financial advisor compensation models range from an annual  percentage of your portfolio, commissions on transactions, fees paid by the companies who provide your investment vehicles, and fee-only, who charge you an agreed fee for service and take no commissions or compensations from third-parties.

Help make sure that you follow your plan

Life is full of demands, at times these can get in the way and result in one not following through on their retirement plans. A professional financial planner will make this a priority and will assist you in staying on track. They are a force you need to make sure that you are financially ready for those life events, like new children, homes, college expenses, weddings, and retirement. Financial professionals keep their doors open for their clients, thus, whenever you have a question, or something concerns you about your investments, you can always contact them for clarity.

Do an annual review of your plan

World economics and the investment marketplace is constantly shifting. A financial plan that might be effective right now, might not be in 10 months. That’s why it is important to review your portfolio with your financial advisor annually and make any adjustments necessary. Your financial professional will also evaluate how your investments are performing and ensure that they are on track to meet your goals. When you meet, you can also discuss any changes that have taken place in your life during the past year that might suggest modifications to your portfolio.

Keep in mind that while you seek a financial professional to fulfill your needs, that financial advisor prospecting is being utilized by advisors to find you too… the right long-term client to  fit their style and strengths.


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