A Guide to Marketing For Financial Advisors: The Basics You Need to Know!


Financial advising is one of the most popular career choices for people who enjoy looking after their assets meticulously. If you’re the proprietor of a financial advisory firm yourself, you are surely aware of the onerous things that make their way onto your to-do list each day. Developing new financial advisor marketing strategies is likely to be something that continually gets moved down your list until it falls off entirely. Marketing, however, is absolutely critical for you to get new clients through your doors.

The next section of this guide details financial advisor marketing ideas, You do not, of course, need to implement all of these ideas if you have already done them and know they don’t work for you. That said, it’s important for you to test new concepts to find the ones that do work for you. As you read this article; make a point of trying one thing you’ve never considered before by the time you reach the end!

Understand That Digital Marketing Is Already a Well Proven Strategy for Financial Advisors

In this day and age, there is still a place for conventional advertising, particularly in very small, rural areas, where clients want face-to-face advice. However, digital marketing has already shown itself to be the wave of the future. In fact, digital marketing is even more cost-efficient and effective when targeted at a specific geography, such as a state or a city.. If you have not engaged in advisor marketing online, you’re definitely already missing the boat. There are a wide variety of financial advisor lead generation tips that can help you capture lots of new prospective customers in a short period of time. Two good ideas are to post ads on social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and to develop drip email campaigns to respond to every lead you receive based on his or her preferences. For more tips on financial advisor lead generation, check out Investopedia article.

Get Out There Locally!

Financial advisor marketing programs tends to be extremely worthwhile in geographic areas where a dozen top financial institutions are not vying for the same customers. If this sounds like your situation, make a point of putting your name into the community’s public eye as much as you’re able to. You could, for instance, sponsor a youth sports league in your area, work with a not-for-profit organization, or regularly post about your services on a web-based community page.

Remember That Marketing Agencies Are There to Help You Succeed

The bottom line is that if you feel overwhelmed by the job of putting together a financial advisor marketing plan all by yourself, you shouldn’t hesitate to get help from a financial advisor marketing agency. They don’t succeed unless you do. Your account manager or agency consultant will help you figure out exactly what financial advisor prospecting and lead generation ideas will work best for you; financial advisor marketing is not the same for every advisor! It must be customized to fit your strengths and fit your ideal client.

Hopefully you now feel more prepared than you did before to try some new and exciting financial advisor marketing ideas.


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